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The end of the world has come, and nobody was ready for it - not even the maintainers of heaven and hell themselves.

Everything's Gone to Hell is a humorous, side-perspective puzzle game originally created for the GMC Jam #22 (alternatively numbered as the New Jam #1); the theme was "everyone is dead". Assist Lucifer's underlings in processing paperwork regarding the fates of all the souls sent to the underworld in error. Each level tasks you with bringing stacks of paperwork to a demonic assistant, who will then allow you to progress further through the dungeons of the underworld. A few basic puzzles separate you from both the paperwork - and your salvation.

In addition to its placement, Everything's Gone to Hell! was also acknowledged for having the Best Use of Theme in the Jam.

About Version 1.3p3

Version 1.3p3 was released on August 26th, 2020 and brings a few modest upgrades from the last version released following the GMC Jam. This version was compiled and released after finding that previously existing download links for the game had expired or become broken.

  • Compiled in GameMaker: Studio 2 - performance improvements and compatibility with Win10's "Night Light" mode when in fullscreen
  • Ambient lighting adjusted to now properly cast lights/shadows on the player and other NPCs which previously were not properly lit
  • Depth sorting modified to accommodate updated lighting and correct a few historically incorrect cases
  • Some sprites and particle effects slightly adjusted
  • HUD draw calls redone for compatibility with GMS:2
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Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, GameMaker, gmcjam
Average sessionA few minutes


Version 1.3p3 17 MB

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