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Good evening, Individual A-53.

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Screens is a short, five-level game made for the GMC Jam #30. Play as an individual, inside a mysterious laboratory, working to follow protocol and restore the facility's power. The primary theme chosen to work with was "switch between different genres".

Featuring music made by WaveParadigm. If possible, maximized window or fullscreen is recommended for the best experience.

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About Version 1.1

I do not have any plans to update this build of the game further - this is a post-Jam build that attempts to address some latency issues reported by players. No changes to gameplay have been made. Notable changes:

  • Optimized a handful of draw calls.
  • Added the ability to resize the game window as the user sees fit. On some machines, maximized window provides sufficient detail where fullscreen does not perform well.
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed players to clip through a wall in Room 4 into Room 5, but mislabeled as Room 1.
  • Fixed a glitch where hitting Escape to end the game at the final screen would send the user back to the main menu instead of closing the game.
  • Very minor HUD adjustments (some orange text coloration; version number information).

Install instructions

Download and unzip the provided archive. Run "gmcjam30.exe" inside. File "READPLS_.txt" is a brief readme file.


screens_v1.1.zip 4 MB

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