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The ICOSATRON 20-Game Display is a revolution in sports viewing and entertainment for major stadiums. Observe (and interact with) 20 different activities - potentially multiple at once. How long can you go?

Created for the GameMaker 20th Anniversary Jam.

Made by TehPilot and WaveParadigm.

v1.01 Changelog (Uploaded November 21 at 12:20am EST)

- Microgame difficulty tweaks and bugfixes

- Music synchronization bugfix

- Difficulty scale tweak

- More detailed game over screen

- Fixed surface caching issue on restart


icosatron_v1.01_vm.zip 7 MB
icosatron_v1.0_yyc.zip 7 MB
icosatron_v1.0_vm.zip 7 MB
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I absolutely love this game - half the time I have no idea what's going on and it's great. A unique idea having so many different interesting minigames going on at the same time. The theme is also fun. Excellent work!