This Christmas-day pakij build addresses a number of bug reports and QoL requests sent in from v1.5a4, and introduces a number of behind-the-scenes optimizations and corrections to level generation. Levels will be more varied more quickly, and moments where large rooms intersected should be significantly reduced, if not outright eliminated.

What's new

New room variants, re-additions of removed room variants, and new hazards and spawning patterns have been added to this build. In addition, a number of lighting, texturing, and clipping mishaps have been addressed. (Grinders are the most noticeable change of all of these.) The pause menu has been given buttons to return to regular play and quick back to the menu. The exact specifics of new content and changes are left as an exercise to the player.

Sound returns

The basic sound effects introduced to the game in the original game jam build have been re-enabled, with the glitch where all audio sources would play at max volume on death fixed. These sounds are very old and were only put in place to give slight ambiance to the game jam presentation. Having thought it over, a little bit of sound helps out, and thus I re-enabled it. These sound effects and their implementation are not final, and are subject to change heavily in future builds.

No audio controls are hooked up in the Options menu fully, so if the sound is disruptive or you personally do not find it pleasing, utilize your operating system's audio controls to mute the application directly for now. The next version will likely contain audio controls and/or new sounds, and as a new executable, your operating system should return the game to full volume.

Thanks for playing pakij, and don't hesitate to send a message with your recommendations.

~ James


pakij_v1.6a1_win.zip 29 MB
Dec 26, 2017
pakij_v1.6a1_mac.zip 35 MB
Dec 26, 2017

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